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I'm a writer and college instructor traveling the world with my husband and two young daughters. After eight moves in eleven years, in 2014 we decided to plant new roots in Fort Collins, Colorado. Time to buy bicycles and teach the girls how to ride!

NYC with Kids

Last week, we visited New York City for the first time in ten years and for the first time with children. We arrived at Penn Station at 6pm on a Friday afternoon and trekked with two small suitcases and two … Continue reading

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Missed Traditions

One of my favorite things about living in Italy, in retrospect, is the numerous festivals, commemorations, and other traditions that surround the holiday season. It seems like each village had their own unique way of commemorating specific saint days. Witnessing … Continue reading

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Let’s be neighbors

When we moved to Alabama for graduate school in 2003, I had some unspoken expectations—firmly rooted in stereotype—of a certain Southern Hospitality we would experience upon our arrival. Our first year was spent in a second floor apartment on the … Continue reading

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A Lot of Lawn

As we pulled into the driveway of our very own, new-to-us Colorado home, my crazy excitement did not block out the observation that the grass surrounding our freshly purchased house was a bit overgrown. Or a lot overgrown. Clearly, the … Continue reading

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A new home: Fort Collins, CO

I married J in 2003. Since then, we have lived in:  Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Sacramento, California; Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia; and San Jose, California. Taking into account changes in living situation (from rentals to owned homes or better rentals, etc.), Jeremy and I … Continue reading

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