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Some Notes on Food and Culture

Last week, a close friend sent out an email asking for her friends’ thoughts about food:  Do we eat with purpose or whatever crosses our paths? Do we plan menus or pull together what’s in the fridge? What role does … Continue reading

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Jenn drives to Paris or just around the block

I accomplished a single and incomparably impressive task this week:  I got my Italian driver’s license. In the few days that I’ve had la patente di guida, I’ve had the joy of watching the look of wow-I-am-so-impressed appear on the … Continue reading

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Getting Nowhere (Importing a Car, Part 2)

If I lived in Rome or Milan, I would by no means want a car. The traffic! The parking! Why drive when public transit is absolutely capable of getting you from A to B with little other hassle than looking … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Expat Mistake

This is a picture of our family car sitting in our garage in Italy. It has been sitting like this, alone and un-driven, for eleven months. It’s the reason I didn’t blog much last year, because every post was an … Continue reading

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Italian Medicine

We decided not to take G to Urgent Care. Instead we called Florida, where J’s step-sister and brother-in-law have the fabulous qualifications of a) being nurses, b) also having a toddler, c) having already raised a child up to college … Continue reading

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